Jamie Cavanagh is a bright and emerging talent in the worlds of animation and commercial voiceover. He has high aspirations, and is well on his way to being a formidable artist in voice-work for videogames, animated series and film, and large-scale ad campaigns.

“I love working in the booth. I feel comfortable in there, and it always makes me happy!”

In the commercial sector, he is now well-established and has lent his voice to high profile clients in a variety of industries, and continues to grow his resume as an enviable young craftsman in the field.


Jamie is still emerging in the sectors of animation and videogame work, but shows much promise. He can soon be heard as the Narrator in the upcoming TVO Kids series “The Book Hungry Bears”, coming in 2020.

Jamie is currently working on his animation demo, with Elley Ray Hennessy, which should be available for distribution in the spring.