Jamie fell in love with the theatre shortly after enrolling as a drama major in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Alberta. At this point, he was performing improv comedy with Rapid Fire Theatre on a weekly basis in the evenings, while attending regular classes during the day. He found success auditioning for program-wide productions, and was rewarded with great parts in great projects. Between University and improv comedy, he was surrounded by a rich environment of established artists and eager emerging talent. These figures inspired him to seek out classical training to further his craft, and so he found it in the BFA Acting Conservatory Program, at the University of Alberta.

“The BFA audition was the first real audition I had. Until then I had only small informal meetings, or so they seemed now in comparison. I had never worked so hard on anything up until that point, as I did on that audition.”

Jamie was accepted into the BFA in 2008, where he worked in a close-quarters class of 12 for the next three years. He was taught by premiere instructors in acting techniques and styles, voice and speech, singing, movement, dance, fight choreography, and improvisation. This was where Jamie developed his love for classical, modernist, and contemporary theatre, a passion that would ignite his hunger for work and his eagerness to perform.

“Each role was a puzzle. I wanted to have my shot at all of them, Hamlet, Achilles, Thomas Novachek; I wanted to be the one tasked with dissecting the words, of putting it all together. I wanted the pressure.”

Jamie graduated in 2011 and emerged as a formidable talent in his home city of Edmonton. In his first few years outside of theatre school, he collaborated with some of the most talented companies and artists in the province, as well as many national and international entertainers, and built a name for himself as a treasured emerging actor in Edmonton. He lived and worked there for 4 more years until he finally decided that he had to leave his hometown, and test his mettle in the entertainment capital of Canada, Toronto.

“I accomplished so much in Edmonton, I was terrified to walk away. I was comfortable there, I had my family and friends, my community. But I knew that if I didn’t try, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

In 2015, Jamie moved across the country to Toronto, where he currently lives and works. Since arriving, he has had the opportunity to meet and work with many top-tier performers and organizations, to “walk the boards” in multiple esteemed venues around the city, and to extend his growth beyond Toronto, further advancing his status as an acclaimed Canadian theatre artist.

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Complete Theatre History:


PETER PAN GOES WRONG | Jonathan/Peter Pan | Citadel Theatre/Arts Club Theatre | Adam Meggido


THE HUNS | Pete | Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre | Marie Farsi and Michael Ross Albert


VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE | Spike | Shadow Theatre | John Hudson (upcoming)


ONE NIGHT ONLY: THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL | Ensemble | West-Side Theatre/Kliffer Entertainment | Alan Kliffer

GAME OF CLONES | Ensemble | Kidoons/Wyrd Productions | Rick Miller


CONFEDERATION PART I AND II | Wilfred Laurier and Ensemble | VideoCabaret | Michael Hollingsworth
*Nomination – Outstanding Ensemble – Dora Mavor Moore Awards
*Nomination – Outstanding Supporting Actor – My Entertainment World’s Critics’ Pick Awards 

THE NUMBERS GAME | Dutch Schultz | Storefront Collective | Benjamin Blais


THE GREAT WAR | Dave and Ensemble | VideoCabaret | Michael Hollingsworth
*Nomination – Outstanding Ensemble – Dora Mavor Moore Awards


SO VARIOUS SO BEAUTIFUL SO NEW (Workshop) | Ensemble | Tarragon Theatre | Richard Rose

COMEDY OF ERRORS | Antipholus of Ephesus | St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival | Rona Waddington

ROMEO AND JULIET | Mercutio | St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival | Jan Irwin

LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES | Azolan | Sudbury Theatre Cente | Caleb Marshall

ARMSTRONG’S WAR | Michael Armstrong | Theatre Network | Bradley Moss

COMRADES | Vanzetti | 1902 Collective | Elana Post

VENUS IN FUR | Thomas Novachek | Citadel Theatre | James MacDonald


3…2…1 | Clinton | Quiet Things Creative/Blarney Productions | Wayne Paquette
*Nomination – Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actor – Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
*Nomination [as Producer] – Outstanding Fringe Production – Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards

TAMING OF THE SHREW | Lucentio | Freewill Shakespeare Festival | Marianne Copithorne

THE GENIUS CODE | Sky Marx | Surreal SoReal Theatre | Jon Lachlan Stewart

EAST OF BERLIN | Rudi | East/West Collective | Simon Bloom
*Nomination – Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role – Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards

ROMEO AND JULIET | Mercutio | Citadel Theatre | Tom Wood

A CHRISTMAS CAROL| Young Scrooge | Citadel Theatre | Bob Baker


FLIGHT OF THE VISCOUNT | Viscount James Westerley | Shadow Theatre | John Hudson


SEXUAL PERVSESITY IN CHICAGO | Quiet Things Creative | Simon Bloom
*Nomination – Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actor – Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards

HAMLET | Hamlet | Media Room | Simon Bloom

THE VELVETEEN RABBIT| Ensemble/Puppeteer | Capitol Theatre | Amanda Bergen


DEATH OF A SALESMAN | Stanley | Citadel Theatre | Bob Baker

ZASTROZZI | Zastrozzi | Surreal SoReal Theatre | Vincent Forcier

THE GERTRUDE STEIN PROJECT | Leon Katz | Studio Theatre | Beau Coleman



SAVAGE IN LIMBO | Tony Aronica | Studio Theatre | Kim McCaw

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING | Claudio | Freewill Shakespeare Festival | Marianne Copithorne

MACBETH | 1st Murderer | Freewill Shakespeare Festival | John Kirkpatrick

PENTHESILEA | Achilles | University of Alberta | Sven Miller


ROMEO AND JULIET | Romeo | University of Alberta | Ron Jenkins

COMEDY OF ERRORS | Gaoler | Freewill Shakespeare Festival | Jeff Page

TITUS ANDRONICUS | Martius | Freewill Shakespeare Festival | Marianne Copithorne

To see Jamie’s full CV, including his film/series, improv comedy and voice credits, click here.