Shortly after establishing himself in Toronto as a dynamic live performer, Jamie quickly started expansion into film and series work. He had determined that his film and theatre career must work in tandem if he was to find stability in his craft and his business.

“I love performing live; I get no better feeling from it. But the world is different now and one must be able to work on screen as well as stage. It’s non-negotiable.”

Known primarily as a strong and intelligent theatre actor, Jamie is pushing himself further and further into the art and nuance of filmed performance.

“I’ve definitely got the bug. The more I do it. The more I love it. Working in film offers many exciting challenges; it requires a different degree of subtlety, intimacy, naturalism.”

Jamie has decided for himself and his career that a strong priority will be put on his film work over the next few years. He is excited to continue to establish himself as a universally adaptable performer, and to continue to work with amazing people on amazing projects.

“I’m young, I’m hungry, I’m ACTRA.”

Presently, Jamie lives and works in Toronto Canada.

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Complete Film History

THE BUBBLE (short) | Keith | Windrun Media

SALT N PEPA (feature) | Al Machero | Lifetime

WAYNE (series) | PP/Cop #1 | Youtube Red/Stephanie Laing

EROS (short) | Forrest | Alona Metzer/Shervin Kermani

NOTES (web-series) | Director | Quiet Things Creative | Jamie Cavanagh

JUST KEEP BREATHING (feature) | Resident | Peter Conradi | Peter Conradi

THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY (short)| New York Man | Dirty City Productions | Trevor Anderson