Jamie Cavanagh is a multi-disciplinary actor/comedian and works professionally in the mediums of film/tv, theatre, voice-over, and improv comedy.

“A lot of people try and nail me down… Are you a comedian? Are you an actor? What are you exactly? I don’t really see a clear divide. I guess I’m both… and neither? No. Both.”

Jamie has a unique pedigree in both classical acting and improv comedy, having spent three years in a highly regarded conservatory acting program before appearing in a plethora of critically acclaimed professional theatre productions, while simultaneously touring the world performing and teaching improv comedy with some of the artform’s best and brightest. He is equally practised and comfortable in both disciplines which makes him a dynamic and exciting performer to watch whether you are sitting in the balcony of Soulpepper Theatre, or on the rail at Second City Toronto.

“I don’t separate them anymore, acting and improv. I used to feel like I had to. One feeds the other. The only difference is preparation and research. The act is the same for me.”

Presently, Jamie lives and works in Toronto Canada.

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